Here at Beyond Essential we make awesome technology and put it to good use in the world.


If we achieve normal things, we have failed.

Beyond Essential Systems was started for a single reason – to deliver real, positive, sustainable improvements in the lives of people in some of the most challenging, low resource and remote places in the world. That is why we exist. People matter everywhere and need is all around us but we focus on low resource settings because that is where the need is greatest and that is where our expertise lies. We also want to be genuinely building up the people we work with so that one day, what we do is no longer necessary. If we leave people able to use and maintain their own systems, that is success.

We know we cannot do as much as we would like but if you bring enough special people together, you can make things a little better for others. What is a little better? It means living a little longer, getting the chance to earn a little more money. It means being a little healthier and spending a little more time with your family instead of in hospital. It means travelling and experiencing a little more of the world and living in a country that is a little fairer and a little more equitable. Most of all it means passing on a better community and world for your kids to experience and enjoy. We shouldn’t ever fall for the lie that we can ‘change the world’ – but we can help improve a small part of it. We are not a normal company and if we achieve normal things, we have failed.

By harnessing innovation, our technology and our skilled people, our vision is to make some parts of the world a little better for as many people as we can.

What we are

Proudly certified B Corp.

There is a space in between not-for-profits and private enterprise that encompasses businesses who are driven by their desire to have a positive impact on the world and make only enough money to be sustainable – and that’s where Beyond Essential sits. B Corps are businesses that “balance purpose and profit” – read more here. To achieve certification as a B Corp, we were audited over 12 months and had to:

Demonstrate high social and environmental performance

Make a legally binding governance structure accountable to all stakeholders

Exhibit transparency by allowing information about our performance measured against B Lab’s standards to be publicly available – view them here.

Current Opportunities

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