We are BES. We provide end-to-end, innovative healthcare software and solutions for all settings.

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Software development and implementation

Our delivery team are experts in the end-to-end implementation of Tupaia, Tamanu and our other partner solutions. Our full-stack software team develops these Global Digital Goods for Health.

Health supply chain strengthening and reform

We design and deliver holistic health supply chain reform solutions around procurement, supply chain management, QA, pharmacy policy, staff training and electronic inventory systems for health systems in all low resource settings.

Information systems and data

Across more than 12 countries, we provide specialist support and bespoke solutions for enhanced intelligence gathering and informed decision making in the health, environment and education sectors.

Geospatial data for decision making

With Tupaia, BES continues to innovate with mobile data collection and mapping technologies. Disease surveillance, resource mapping, asset management and GIS intelligence for data-driven decision making.

Our products


Data aggregation, analysis and visualisation platform


Patient-level electronic medical record system


Stock management software for health supply chains


The world’s most used Health Management Information System


A trusted, open-source Laboratory Information Management System (implementing partner)

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