A stable and secure open-source Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)


An open-source Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) with class leading security, excellent performance, and proven stability.

SENAITE is used to manage various laboratory processes, including sample management, data analysis, and quality control. BES has collaborated with the original developers to create a unique version of SENAITE, customised for use in low resource and remote settings. SENAITE improves the functionality of lab environments by reducing turn-around time, strengthening reporting capability and providing surveillance of AMR data, freeing up staff from manual recording burdens and improving accuracy of laboratory data.

SENAITE is maintained by a community of developers and is released under the GNU General Public License. It has been adopted by a growing number of laboratories around the world, particularly those in low resource and low connectivity settings where access to traditional commercial LIMS solutions may be limited. Beyond Essential are quickly becoming one of the most experienced SENAITE providers within the Indo-Pacific, offering SENAITE development, implementation, integration, and robust support services within laboratories.

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