We will jump at any opportunity to talk about our supply-chain heroes and spread the word about the critical work they’re doing on the ground to ensure access to medicine. It’s an honour to announce the top participants from the 2022 mSupply Accreditation Course, a multi-level study programme for mastering the skills of mSupply. 

Sam Samba, Mathew Miria, and Yu Par Min Lwin achieved the three highest scores out of 500 participants from around the world last year, showing their outstanding dedication to the course and deep engagement with the materials. We spoke to them about the projects they’re involved with and the importance of the course for their work.

Yu Par Min Lwin

Yu Par Min Lwin  is a Senior Logistics Management Information System (LMIS) Officer for the Chemonics International GHSC-PSM Project, providing technical support for mSupply users throughout Myanmar including their National AIDS, TB, and Malaria Programs.

“Precise and clear explanations are easy to memorise, so it saves time for learners. My favourite part was the accreditation tests after each level.”

Mathew Miria

Mathew Miria works with World Vision PNG as the Eastern Highlands & New Guinea Islands Regional Coordinator for TB/HIV Supplies.

MSupply is the main system Mathew and his team use to manage shipments of TB/HIV medical commodities. Some of the tasks they perform through mSupply include making stock and inventory adjustments, creating pick-slips, confirming invoices, attending to requisition orders, running stocktakes, and providing reports. It is used on a daily basis.

“The course helped me to understand and appreciate the overall importance of using the system. It captures everything and provides the ‘Information/Reporting’ needed with regards to TB/HIV supplies.”

Sam Samba

Our very top score came from Sam Samba, a Senior Analyst for the Clinton Health Access Initiative. 

Sam has been using mSupply as a LMIS Officer and National Administrator for mSupply in Sierra Leone. He supported implementation of mSupply at their medical warehouses, and is responsible for the creation of accounts, amongst many other tasks.

“The course is extremely impactful, as I have gained more knowledge about mSupply and am hoping to learn more.”

Huge congratulations to Sam, Mathew, and Yu, and to all those who completed the course in 2022. We wish you the very best for your work in the near and further future.
Learn more about the mSupply Accreditation Course and enrol for 2023 here. Everyone is eligible to undertake the course, registration is free for all countries, and you can start anytime.