Data collection, aggregation, analysis, mapping and BI for any project. Tupaia is five data tools in one.


An end to end data platform for your project’s entire data needs.

Tupaia is a data platform that allows you to collect information about any entity, aggregate it with other data sources, build beautiful analytics and reports, then disseminate, map and visualise it – all in one place. It has highly granular permissions structures, supports multiple data hierarchies and it brings your data together in award-winning, mapping-led visualisations that will blow you away.

The app

Our data collection app, Tupaia MediTrak is a free and open-source native app for iOS and Android. It is designed to collect cross-sectional or longitudinal data in any setting. Tupaia MediTrak works offline, syncing data whenever the internet becomes available. It has gamification (awarding coconuts and pigs for collecting data) and is free for unlimited users.

The map

Tupaia allows you to store, edit and manage data but the real magic is in visualising and disseminating it. Our flagship project is, a mapping-led data visualisation tool harnessing Mapbox and OpenStreetMaps with stunning map overlays and dashboards. Click on any part of the map and watch your data transform – set your project, place, dates and permissions, download and share visualisations and immediately access the raw data behind all of it.

The platform

Data from the app – and other sources – routes into the Tupaia database, which is supported by a microservices architecture. Our scalable platform includes a powerful database, SSO authentication server, data broker, reports builder, visualisation builder and email service. Use our cloud architecture or deploy onto local servers.

Already using another data collection tool or need to combine data from multiple services? Route data into our platform using existing or customised API integrations in real-time. We already support integrations with DHIS2, Kobo Collect, mSupply, Tamanu and more.

Check out our Tupaia roadmap here.

The story behind the name

Tupaia was a revered Pacific Islander from Ra’iatea who was able to map the islands of the Pacific using only the stars and natural cues, including the wind, birdlife and the direction of the waves. Incredibly, he was able to accurately draw and navigate to several islands he had never visited, using the knowledge passed down to him by his father and grandfather.

He joined Captain Cook’s crew as it came through Tahiti in 1769 but died in Java in 1770, probably of malaria or dysentery. The Tupaia project is in honour of this legendary navigator, and the many other Pacific Islanders who have died of preventable diseases before their time.


Generate actionable, realtime data insights.

We are focused on health, education and research – but whatever your project, come and talk to us. We love data and we love doing interesting things with that data.

Disease surveillance & elimination programs

Event based or syndromic surveillance of communicable and non-communicable diseases. Use Tupaia for tracking small patient cohorts for single conditions up to national surveillance programs across entire public health division needs. Track individual patients, collect anonymised data from the facility level or connect with external data sources via APIs.

Supply Chain

Map your supply chain in real-time, integrating data from external sources including mSupply. Conduct facility audits using Tupaia MediTrak and make side-by-side comparisons with other data sources. Track medicines, consumables, basic equipment and fixed assets, including digitising maintenance reports.

Disaster Response

Disaster preparedness and response surveying, with real-time visualisations and data downloads (including automated before-and-after analysis). Our disaster response module can track dynamic disasters (such as Cyclone) within the mapping tool and brings together data sources on commodities, staff, infrastructure and imaging. Automated sitreps and raw data exports provide complete data needs for EOCs.

Vaccine & Mass Drug Administration Programs

Use our partner platform Tamanu to track routine, catch-up and campaign vaccines or Mass Drug Administration campaigns (e.g. Ivermectin for Scabies, Coartem for Pf Malaria or Azithromycin for trachoma) then track your program in real-time in Tupaia. Map coverage down to the household level, disaggregate data for gender, age and disability at the national, province/division/ward and village levels and link with other data. Massively decrease loss to follow-up, share identifiable data with external platforms (e.g. vaccine passports), automate your donor reporting and track outcomes more efficiently.

Health & Education Research

Gather data, store, analyse, visualise and disseminate your research data from one place. Track data against patients, students or other entities, edit and clean within your admin panel and share with project partners using highly granular permissions.

Role Delineation Policies / Service Delivery Assessments

Track service availability and readiness, assess service delivery, monitor assets and equipment, infrastructure and staff needs all in one place with standardised or customised tools.


Powerful, custom visualisations built over the top of MapBox and OpenStreetMaps tile layers. Dozens of real-time map overlays to add insight to your data. Features include date selectors for longitudinal data, permissions granted in 4 dimensions (who, what, where, when) as you navigate the map and ‘mapping led’ visualisations so that where you are looking automatically sets your dashboard elements.


Enterprise level features in a simple platform.

Powerful data collection, aggregation, analysis, dissemination and visualisation. Trusted by over 25 organisations in 12+ countries.

Mapping-led visualisations

Pre-configured, beautiful visualisations without in-platform configurations. Date selectors across all visualisations and export to PNG or XLSX format.

SSO across the platform

Experience all your data, across multiple projects in multiple countries with multiple levels of access with a single login.

Highly granular permissions

Platform will determine permissions across 4 dimensions (who, what, where and when) as you navigate the map. Be an admin in one project and a member of the public in another with no lag.

Emailed reports delivered directly

Quickly generate visualisations and raw data reports. Download straight to your computer in a single click, or easily email directly to partners.

Connect the data tools you already use

Integrates with Kobo, DHIS2, mSupply, Tamanu, Tupaia MediTrak and other data tools. Chat to us about bespoke solutions.

Multiple data hierarchies

Supports multiple data hierarchies within and across countries and projects. Highly flexible entity structure, with shared data across projects.

Powered by Tupaia

Bespoke management information systems supported by powerful, stable tools.

We also develop bespoke data systems built on Tupaia’s micro-services architecture. You get a powerful, fully customised information system to meet your organisation or project’s business requirements and workflows, with the confidence that the underlying tools will be stable, scalable, beautiful, supported and maintained. Get your data Powered by Tupaia.

Whatever your data needs, whatever your budget, come and talk to us.


Open-source software.
Simple, transparent pricing.

We believe Tupaia should be accessible to everyone. The entire platform and all features are free for health projects in low and middle-income countries. We cost other licences at low, negotiated rates to ensure sustainability.

We also offer a range of other services, including project kick-off, survey design, GIS expertise, API integrations, data configuration, support and maintenance at negotiable rates.

Free and open-source data platform
Contact us to discuss eligibility.

  • Access to all features and services

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Unlimited users

  • Build visualisations from a wide library

  • Create your own data collection tools

Project launcher sprint

Our 5-day project launcher takes you from conception to go-live

  • Day 1: Current state and requirements

  • Day 2: Visualisation and report design

  • Day 3: Build your data collection tools

  • Day 4: Testing, demos and refinement

  • Day 5: Adapt training tools to your needs


Bespoke management information systems
Negotiable, transparent pricing.

  • Dedicated project manager
  • Integrate data using APIs
  • Build bespoke map boundaries, vizzes

  • Unlimited data, local or cloud hosted
  • Custom URLs, front-ends, workflows


Paid license


Basic Features
Project Data
Admin panel
Data, Reporting & Analytics
Export Reports
Audit logs
API Access
View and edit data
Email service
Visualisation builder
Custom map tiles
User Access
SSO/SAML authentication
User verification
Granular permission groups


Resources and downloads.

Tupaia MediTrak

iOS app for Apple phone and iPad

Tupaia MediTrak

Android app for mobile and tablet

‘How to’ guides

All the instructions for managing your Tupaia project


A comprehensive library of features and visualisations

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