A patient-level electronic health records system for mobile and desktop.

Tamanu 2.0 is here and it is like nothing else! Read about it here.

Tamanu is a free and open-source EHR for low resource and remote settings.

Built around five fundamental principles outlined below, users also experience:

  • Ongoing, active software development by a dedicated, full-stack team
  • Highly experienced delivery team
  • Zero cost licensing, with optional service level agreements
  • International community of support
  • Intuitive, modern, flexible interface

Built on 5 principles

1. Free & open-source

Contribute to the global development community, with the security of no-one ‘owning’ your code.

2. Desktop & mobile

Out-of-the-box for inpatients, outpatients and community, no 3rd-party plug-ins needed.

3. Seamless integration

HL7 FHIR compliant. Integrates with mSupply, mSupply Mobile, Tupaia, DHIS2. ICD-10, GS1 compatible.

4. Sync-enabled

Work online or offline with no limits, syncing whenever internet is available, no latency.

5. Data security

Industry-standard encryption protocols, powerful security features, fit-for-purpose.


Tamanu Desktop

At the hospital level, a desktop-enabled version allows a full suite of functionality, including scheduling, admissions, medication orders, lab and imaging requests, location (bed) management, discharges and patient management (including treatment notes etc). The desktop app works offline, syncing with a central server whenever an internet connection becomes available.

The platform is designed to interface with existing patient administration systems or Master Patient Indexes (assuming publicly available APIs) and allow full integration with laboratory and radiology IT systems where they are available.

Tamanu Mobile

At the clinic level, a mobile version offers a stripped-down functionality, capturing diagnoses, treatments, vitals and the recording of events such as births, vaccinations, ante-natal visits and deaths.

The app is available across all Android devices (Version 7.0+).

The data captured by Tamanu Mobile syncs to a central server and back down to any other facility. Patient data can be protected by customisable patient verification or via user permission settings.

An entire country can be built on a central server (physical or cloud-based) so that clinicians in any facility are able to call up patient records created on either mobile or desktop in near real-time and make changes in any setting. All data are captured on a patient’s record, regardless of whether they are undergoing major surgery at a referral hospital or attending for a basic check-up at their local health clinic.

Story behind the name

Tamanu has been built for all remote settings but with a Pacific focus. The Tamanu plant has been recognised throughout the Pacific, Asia and Africa for hundreds of years for its therapeutic qualities, particularly as an anti-inflammatory, moisturiser, anti-bacterial and as a cosmetic.

All our icons have also been designed by a Pacific Islander, Robert Taupongi, to represent the Pacific in a meaningful way.


A single system for all healthcare settings.

Stop using different apps for every clinical use case or facility type. Tamanu is a birth-to-death record across all healthcare settings, providing a continuum of care for all encounters and vertical program data needs.

Electronic immunization register

Track routine, catch-up and campaign vaccines for individuals, capturing all necessary information according to WHO data models. Desktop and mobile, decision support, vaccine certificates with VDS. Population-level reporting, dashboards, map overlays. Can also be used for Mass Drug Administration programs.

NCD screening

Screen patients in the field for non-communicable diseases, with automated calculations of BMI and other indicators. Automated risk assessments based on WHO NCD risk tables. Automated workflows, with referrals to higher-level facilities and care plans.

Inpatient management

Assign patients to departments and locations, track diagnoses, vitals, clinical notes, medication orders, procedures, laboratory and imaging requests, external documents, bed management. Login dozens of simultaneous users on a single LAN, managing hundreds of inpatients.

Vertical program data collection

Highly configurable vertical program data collection module. Collect survey data against individual patients on desktop or mobile and compile it with other patient data.

Emergency department

Triage workflow, with emergency department whiteboard and automated waiting times. Manage patient workflow through triage, ED care, observation and hospital admission.

Lab requests

Submit laboratory requests on mobile or desktop, attach additional data (e.g. for contact tracing), result lab tests from any lab in the network and publish results using an online widget. Integrate with external LIMS.

Complete reporting suite

Export raw data to Excel, automated dashboards and map overlays using Tupaia. Integrate with external systems using APIs (HL7 FHIR compliant).

Patient Master Index (PMI) module

Connect your clinical systems with Tamanu as your central PMI. Secure, scalable, patient registration, UID generation, integrate with HL7 FHIR compatibility in adherence with OpenHIE principles.


Powerful, secure, highly usable.

Our features are growing every day. Download our data sheet below or get in touch with specific questions.

Patient management

Use Tamanu as a PMI or connect to an external service. Create patients, manage details, diagnoses, notes, allergies and relationships across inpatient and outpatient visits. Data moves with the patient across facilities.

Decision support

A growing set of clinical decision support tools come built into the system. Customisable notifications can warn or prevent clinicians from taking certain actions and clear UI tools draw the eye to key information.


Schedule inpatients and outpatients across multiple resources, including locations (wards, lab, theatres etc), staff and equipment.


Fully configurable programs module with a digital form builder. Patient-linked data collection and reporting (e.g. antenatal care, social welfare, NCDs).

Orders and integrations

Order laboratory and radiology tests from the patient bedside using Tamanu Desktop. Customised integrations with LIMS, mSupply and DHIS2 using HL7 FHIR.

Deployment freedom

Fully flexible deployment on local hardware or using our cloud architecture (AWS). Facility servers and mobile devices harness two-way sync to the central server or utilise Tamanu Web for fully online.

Where are we going?

Track upcoming features in our product roadmap and see changelogs for every version across desktop and mobile. Our integration roadmap is also now available.

Check out go-live dates for upcoming releases and read detailed explanations for major features.

We’re excited to be a Digital Square Global Good. Free, open-source, excellent. Proven.

Digital Square promotes the development, adoption, and reuse of digital health global goods, and helps increase their availability, adaptability, and maturity. The Digital Square Global Goods Guidebook showcases emergent and established global goods that are approved for investment through Digital Square.

By better coordinating the development of digital health global goods, such as those presented in the guidebook, stakeholders involved in digital health can reduce duplication and ensure that platforms are not only more aligned with national priorities, but that they strengthen health systems.

Tamanu is proud to have been included in the Global Goods Guidebook since 2021.


Free, open-source software.
Simple, transparent support pricing.

Tamanu was designed as an accessible, affordable healthcare solution for low resource settings, which is why it will always be free to use with no licensing costs. We have annual support and maintenance pricing packages that are strongly recommended for organisations and facilities who want to access Tamanu’s full benefits and ensure the sustainability of their systems. Of course, support and maintenance can be managed internally or outsourced to other providers so we aim to provide a great service at outstanding value.

Learn more about our open-source repository here

Open source

Read more about our open-source model here

Mobile Package

Free and open-source

No licensing fees, ever

  • Access to all features

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited patients, data entries

  • Version updates available online

  • Publicly available training resources

Basic support


  • Guaranteed uptime

  • Support with version updates

  • Debugging, security patches

  • Private training events

  • Basic email and chat support

Premium support


  • Mobile device management

  • All version updates 100% managed

  • Comprehensive support desk

  • Bespoke training and resources

  • Uptime reporting by site

Desktop Package

Free and open-source

No licensing fees, ever

  • Access to all features

  • Standard reporting and analytics

  • Unlimited users, data entries, patients

  • 20GB data per server

  • Publicly available training resources

Basic support


  • Implementation and configuration

  • Tupaia system integration
  • Debugging & security patches

  • Automated version updates

  • Basic email and chat support

Premium support


  • Invites to private training events

  • Managed data backups

  • Custom report building

  • Remote maintenance, uptime robot

  • API integrations

Server hosting and data backup

All entirely optional – fully flexible deployments on cloud or bare metal

Central server setup

$4750 one-off

  • Initial server config and deployment

  • Reference data setup and legacy import

  • Installation of Tamanu software

  • Setup services (e.g. email, security groups)

  • Test and go-live

Server hosting


  • Unlimited data hosting

  • Security patches, version updates

  • Maintain security groups, internet

  • Uptime robot

  • Responsive support team

Data backups


  • Unlimited data backups

  • Disaster recovery within 24 hours

  • Maintain security groups, internet

  • System health checks

  • Responsive support team


Download and try today.

Important note: The versions available below are intended for demonstration and training purposes ONLY and should not be used to connect to a live/production environment. If you are working in a live/production and need to update your software or want to download Tamanu for real-life usage, please contact your system administrator or use the contact link at the bottom of this page.

Tamanu Desktop

Runs on PC, Mac and Linux. Requires Chrome.

Tamanu Mobile

Android version only, requires Android 7.0 or higher

Installation guide

Download an installation guide for mobile demo version

Online demos

Visit our YouTube page for demonstrations, webinars and explainer videos

Data sheet

Complete data sheet, specs and architecture for Tamanu

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